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One new customer

One new customer

The connection of one new user to the distribution network means the connection to the distribution network of the residence, enterprise or other object, which is not connected to the distribution network and is not supplied with electricity in accordance with the conditions established by the law.

In order to become a JSC Telasi customer, you must fill out an application form and attach necessary documents. For this purpose, the Company offers you to choose the most acceptable and comfortable option from the below listed:

  1. Please register on JSC Telasi website http://my.telasi.ge/ and follow the instruction;
  2. In any JSC Telasi business center (it is desirable that the addresses are listed on the specified website) our operators will help you in filling out the necessary application;
  3. Download from JSC Telasi website telasi.ge appropriate application form and send the completed form to JSC Telasi E-mail Address: telasi@telasi.ge

A list of required documentation to receive full service:

  1. Extract from the Public Register;
  2. Copy of ID;
  3. Document confirming payment of no less than 50 % and no more than 100% of service fee;
  4. In case of temporary use of real estate, written consent of the owner of the real estate;
  5. In case of a proxy, a document confirming the power of attorney;
  6. If necessary, other documents according to the specific application.

The procedures for connecting one new customer to the distribution network are regulated by Articles 17 and 18 of Semek Resolution N19 of June 28, 2021, and the application form for this connection is: "Requesting the connection of one new facility to the distribution network".

According to the decision N16/1 of the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission of Georgia dated April 15, 2022:

გამანაწილებელ ქსელთან ერთი ახალი ობიექტის მიერთების მოთხოვნის შესახებ" განაცხადის ფორმა