The Company “Telasi” published the operational indices of 2013.





Total length of electric power transmission lines, km

4 371

4 087


Output of electric power in the grid, mln kilowatt-hour

2 063

2 023


Number of customers, thousand

524 559

505 875


In 2013 the Company “Telasi” has consumed 2 billion 63 mln kilowatt-hours of electric power that exceeds by 2% (40 mln kilowatt-h) the volume of electric power consumption in 2012 (2 billion 23 mln kilowatt-h). Increase in power consumption was conditioned by growth of economy and number of customers.

In 2013 in comparison with 2012 volume of the electric power charged to customers has increased by 4,8% (88,1 mln kilowatt-h) and amounted to 1 billion 907 mln kilowatt-h of electric power. Growth of the given index, in the first place, was conditioned by reduction of the commercial losses level.   

Thanks to the performed reconstruction and upgrade works in 2013 length of the Telasi transmission lines and number of customers have increased.  

As compared to 2012 the total length of electric power transmission lines was increased by 7% (284 km) and amounted to 4 thous. 371 km.

The number of “Telasi” customers in 2013 as compared with 2012 has increased by 3,7% (18 thous. 684 subscribers) and amounted to 524 thous. 559 subscribers, amongst 477 thous. 461 are natural persons, and 47 thous. 98 – legal entities.

In 2013 the Company paid 17,4 mln GEL for realization of the Project on Connection of New Subscribers. In particular, routing and cabling works of transmission lines, installation of transformers, power meters, etc. were performed.  

Necessity of grid extension was conditioned by development of the city of Tbilisi, including construction of new housing estates, as well as emerging of new companies and enterprises.


*** The JSC “Telasi” is one of the major network companies of Georgia, carrying out distribution and sale of electric power in Tbilisi. The Company is a supplier of electric power to more than 460 thousand customers. In August 2003 “Telasi” joined the “Inter RAO” Group. The “Inter RAO” Group holds 75% of shares, and 25% - is owned by the public. 

*** The OJSC “Inter RAO” Group – the diversified energy holding, ingressed in the different segments of power energy field in Russia and abroad. In Russia the Company occupies leading positions in the field electric power import and export, actively expands its presence in the generation and sales segments, as well as develops the new business directions. The Inter RAO strategy is aimed at formation of the global power company – one of the key players of world energy market. The installed capacity of the “Inter RAO” Group power plants controlled by the Group makes more than 33,5 GW.

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