"Telasi" Operational Performance Indicators for 2022 Year

Company "Telasi" has published operational performance indicators for 2022 year.





Total length of power transmission lines, km

6 661

6 390


Supply of electricity to the grid, TWh*




Number of customers, thousand.




In 2022 the Company effectively implemented several projects aimed at improving reliability of electric grid of the capital. 

Within the framework of Investment Program in 2022 reconstruction - upgrading of several substations, works for replacement of power transformer Т2 32 МВА at Chugureti and Dinamo substations were carried out. As a result of implementation of the projects substation capacity increased by 7 MW. In 2022 SCADA (introduction of Real Time Digital Simulator) project for 35-110 kV electrical grid started.

For 2022 Company Telasi distributed 3,025 billion kWh electricity, which is by 7, 3% (205 billion kWh) more than volume of distributed electricity for 2021. Growth was driven by increased economic activity in the country and number of new customers.  

Number of Telasi customers for 2022 year compared to 2021 year increased by 3,1% (per 21,6 thousand customers) and came to 725,4 thousand customers, from which 652,5 thousand are individuals and 72,9  thousand – legal entities.

In 2022 total length of power transmission lines of the Company amounted to 6 661 km, which is 4, 2% (271 km) more than in 2021 (6 390  km.). Increasing the length of power transmission lines was due to development, reconstruction and upgrading of the electricity grid.