In Spite of the Complicated Climatic and Terrain Conditions, JSC “Telasi”Able to Perform Works on Liquidation of Breakdowns in the Shortest Period

In Tabakhmela, Kojori, Betania, Kiketi and Tskhneti, due to complicated climatic conditions, during the last days, facts of breakdowns in the distribution grid of JSC “Telasi” have become more frequent.

The said breakdowns occur because of snow showers and ising that on its turn is the reason of the falling of green vegetation in the safety zone of overhead transmission lines that cause damage to the overhead transmission lines.

In spite of the complicated climatic and landscape conditions, Technical service of JSC “Telasi”, in the shortest possible time, is carrying out breakdown liquidation works. Aiming at elimination of breakdowns in the said areas and further prevention of them, relevant subdivisions of the Service of Distribution Grid of JSC “Telasi” are mobilized and stay on duty for 24 hours ready to perform repair works.