In the process of the ongoing reform in the energy sector of Georgia, the activities of electricity supply and distribution were separated and the joint-stock JSC "Telasi" became the operator of the distribution system.

According to the current legislation, "Telasi" is obliged to periodically display the meters of consumers. Based on the decision of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Commission, from December 2021 JSC "Telasi" will switch to a unified meter reading system. The subscriber counter display will be taken during the last four calendar days of the month. 

The transition to the unified meter reading system was made in order to adjust the period of payment of the consumed electricity bill to the terms of receiving the pension and receiving the subsistence allowance.

450 employees of "Telasi" will be involved in the process of taking the display from the meter of 650 thousand subscribers, who will record the amount of electricity consumed by the subscriber during the current month through special tablets. Relevant data will be transferred to the company "Telmiko".

In connection with the transition to a unified meter reading system in Tbilisi, the so-called During the transition period, in December of the current year, the counter of the subscribers will be read twice - the display recorded in November and the beginning of December (not more than 30 days) and the display recorded at the end of December. This only applies to subscribers who change the meter reading time.

As a result of the change, there will be no overcharges and electricity bills for the population will not increase.