Due to the electricity market reform, in the framework of which electricity distribution and distribution activities were separated in Georgia, from July 1, 2021, "Telasi" became an electricity distribution company.

JSC "Telasi" activities include: transportation of electricity; Tbilisi electricity distribution network service, operation, reconstruction, modernization and expansion for efficient operation of power systems. The company provides electricity transit services, customer service, administration of a unified integrated and coordinated system of water supply and cleaning in Tbilisi.

Customers can apply to "Telasi" for the following issues:

  • Connection of new subscribers to the distribution network;
  • Installation of individual electricity metering unit, operation, meter display; 
  • Elimination of technical problems in the distribution network;
  • Receive information on planned and unplanned power outages;
  • Get information on water supply and cleaning debts.

Information can be obtained through the call center (2 77-99-99), the official facebook page of the company (JSC Telasi - official page) and the website ( ).

Any announcement in the company can be sent to the e-mail address .

After registering on the website (, The customer can fill out an online application for registration as a new subscriber and connection to the distribution network.