On December 29, 2020, Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission had under Decision #83 imposed tariffs on electricity distribution, transit and consumption. The tariffs are effective from January 1, 2021.   

Electricity Consumption Tariffs

The electricity consumption maximum tariffs for the subscribers of JSC “Telasi”, as per the voltage levels:

Voltage Level


net of VAT


inclusive of VAT

220/380 V  (non-residential)

27.908 tetri/ kWh

32.93144 tetri/ kWh

3.3-6 - 10 kV

25.124 tetri/ kWh

29.64632 tetri/ kWh

35 - 110 kV

23.195 tetri/ kWh

27.3701 tetri/ kWh


For the purpose of development of the population social protection additional guarantees and facilitation to the electricity rational use, for the Telasi subscribers, residential subscribers (the population), the electricity consumption maximum tariffs, for 220/380 V, as per the quantity of electricity consumed (30 calendar days): 

Consumption Level


net of VAT


inclusive of VAT

Through 101 kWh

15.289 tetri/ kWh

18.04102 tetri/ kWh

From 101 kWh through 301 kWh

18.689 tetri/ kWh

22.05302 tetri/ kWh

From 301 kWh and more

22.489 tetri/ kWh

26.53702 tetri/ kWh