The Mission of the Joint-Stock company “Telasi” consists in reliable and high-quality power distribution to the customers of Tbilisi. 

Our performance is aimed at promotion of investment attractiveness of our company, perfection of management systems, implementation of state-of-the-art, high-performance technologies, development and advancement of customer service quality.

We cherish corporate culture which includes such main values as high professionalism, flexibility of management system, effective combination of discipline and creativity of our employees. The Company shapes the team of professionals, takes day-by-day care on improvement of its employees’ skills and their social security. The team of the Company has the quality to strive for effective work and to be devoted to corporate values.

Activities of JSC “Telasi” is open and transparent  for shareholders, investors, business partners and community as much as possible.

We intend to turn Company as profitable as possible, modern and dynamic in the interests of its shareholders.

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