As early as in the 90s of the XIX century, by the initiative of a great Georgian writer and public person Ilia Chavchavadze, in the then Tiflis, at the Golovin avenue – the present Rustaveli avenue, illumination of several buildings, a bank and a theater was carried out, which may be considered as the beginning of transmission and distribution of electric power in the capital city of Georgia.            

There are some documents kept in the archives of the city of Tbilisi, according to which the first reference of the Tbilisi administration of energy facilities dates back to 1921 and this organization numbered 36 employees in all.   

“Tbilisi Electric Grid”, briefly “Telasi”, was founded in 1937 at the Tbilisi city council and had two – technical and commercial functions, and was obtaining electric power from one power generation facility – Zemo Avchala Hydro Power Plant that was erected as per the GOELRO plan.

In May of 1995, “Telasi” was registered as a joint-stock company.  

In December of 1998, AES Silk Road Holdings B.V., AES Corporation purchased 75% of the shares of joint-stock company "Telasi".

In August 2003, AES Corporation, the ultimate owner, sold its 100%-shareholding in Silk Road Holdings B.V to a Finnish company - joint-stock company RAO Nordic OY (INTER RAO Holdings B.V.) ultimately owned by CJSC “INTER RAO UES”. Currently, Inter RAO Group owns 75% of the shares of JSC "Telasi", while approximately 25% of the shares are in the ownership of “Best Energy Group” LLC.

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